1718 E. 10th St., Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870    *    (252) 535-5355    *   Billy Meinsen, Minister

    Below please see the listing for each Deacon responsible for each Ministry. Should you have concerns, questions or comments, please see
    the Deacon responsible.

    Senior High Girls Grades 9 - 12 - Shannon Miles & Lena Davis                                                                 Mike  Warren
    Junior High School Grades 6 - 8 Girls - Amy Forte
    Young Men's Class Grades 6 - 8 Boys - Mark Davis, Mike Forte
    Sunday Night Grades 6 - 12 - Brittany Meinsen

    Nursery (Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night - Lisa Reed                                                                    Ron Brooks
    Pre-School, Ages 1 - 5 - Kaye Cooke
    Children's Church, Grades 1 - 5 - Kaye Cooke

    AWANA - Marcia Twisdale
    Special Activities & Trips for Children -
    Easter Egg Hunt - Dale Benton, Mandy Grizzard & Aleisha Pearcey
    Vacation Bible School - Mandy Grizzard, Marsha Twisdale
    Christmas Program -

    Building & Grounds  
                                                                                                                                                                        Bobby Harris
    Housekeeping - Tammy Deberry
    Decorating Committee -  Linda Jones
    Maintenance - Neil Morris, Mike Forte
    Grounds - Bobby Harris
    Security - Jim Sexton, Ronnie Cooke, Mike Warren

    Church Operations                                                                                                                                         

    Men's Prayer Breakfast - Three rotating teams
    Women's Prayer Breakfast - Three rotating teams
    Welcome Center - Lisa Johnson
    On Line News Site - Jennifer Harris
    Sunday Bulletin - Marcella McCachren
    In-House Photography - Melody Hux
    Website - James & Marcella McCachren
    Hospitality - Tammy Pilley
    Front Porch Ministry - Judy Hearp
    Communion to shut-ins
    Wednesday Night Meals - Dorothy Edmonds & Lisa Johnson
    Special Building Usage - Billy Meinsen & Judy Hearp

    Blessing                                                                                                                                                          Ron Brooks

    Church Treasurer - Judy Hearp
    Assistant Treasurer - Jennifer Harris
    Missions - Lisa Johnson
    Benevolence - Lisa Johnson
    Angel Food - Judy Hearp, Kay Cooke, Susan Barber
    Building Fund -Kaye Cooke & Judy Hearp

    Worship Team - Jennifer Meinsen
    Sound Board/Power Point - Jennifer Meinsen
    Special Music - Jennifer Meinsen
    Communion Preparation - Dorothy Edmonds
    Communion & offering servers - Elders and Deacons
    All Special Worship events - Billy Meinsen
Ages 3 thru 6
First Week:  
Jean Green
Second Week:  Mitzi and Jamie Suggs
Third Week:   Tammy Deberry  
Fourth Week :  Melissa Underwood
Fifth Week:   TBA
Ages 7 thru 11
First Week:  
Melody Hux
Second Week: Mandy Grizzard    
Third Week:  
Aleisha  Pearcey  
Fourth Week:   
Karen Johnson
Fifth Week: TBA   

Substitutes: Kaye Cooke (536-3669) and Ron Brooks (537-6139)
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Church, please
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Current as of 2-2-11